Randal R Cox

... my view from the outside.

randal cox

Having been born and raised in Oklahoma, I moved to Florida after graduating college, where I attended even more school. I then starting teaching audio & video production for a couple of years. Looking for a bigger city and a change of life, I headed north and ended up in Atlanta, GA, and have made it home for many years now.
I have a partner/husband and we’ve been together since April of 1999 and legally married since July of 2015. Our wedding photo! We live in a suburb just north of Atlanta with our spoiled-rotten dog Abby (who has been with us for 6 years now) and our new addition to the family, Berkley! We adopted him from the shelter in November of 2015.

I try to live my life with no regrets, no mythology and no illusions. I believe that we have one life, the here & now only, and that we should appreciate it and live it to the best of our ability while striving to help those around us when we can.

I've always felt that I didn't quite fit in any of the groups, activities, teams, and even my own family at times. I've always felt like the odd-man out. I'm not saying that for sympathy - quite the opposite. I've grown quite comfortable being on the outside, looking in and have learned to cherish it.

If you are looking for my photography site (more than what you’ll find here in “Hobby”, you can find it here:
Randal Cox Photography