Randal R Cox

... my view from the outside.


I have been involved with photography almost all of my life… picked up the passion for it at a very young age. For a few years, I tried it as a full-time profession when I needed a break from the corporate grind.

I soon found that when it became a job, I spent more time working on the business of photography while the passion for it took a complete back seat… It was a lesson well learned.

Now, I find time for it when I want to and am able to enjoy it tremendously.

  • If you are looking for my photography site (more than what you’ll find here in “Hobby”, you can find it here: Randal Cox Photography


I’ve never been one that felt like I had to renovate a house… that was never something that I sought-out to do. My parents did it every few years as my older brother and I were kids… so I grew up around it. Buy a house, fix it up, sell it, buy a house, fix it up, you get the picture.
Tony and I just bought (what we truly hope and plan to be) our final house… and it needed some heavy-duty reno. We bought it from a truly wonderful elderly lady and we were quite happy to get it. First time in many years we walked in and said, “This is home”.

Outside Back:

Our very close friend and awesome designer, Alan Graham with ‘The Fresh Look’ had a WHOLE lot to do with this… He is amazing.